Is it realistic to bet on sports and win? The answer to this question interests many novice players who want to make money, but not lose their own savings. To become successful in this area, there are many nuances to consider. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms in detail. Secondly, you must always set specific goals for yourself. Third, you don’t always need to be guided by intuition. Only in this case, a beginner player will be able to bet on sports and get a good monetary reward. You need to start right!


Sports betting is an intellectual bet between a bookmaker and a gambler. The player makes a prediction for a sporting event and bets that it will be correct. If he loses, he will lose the bet money. In the event of a win, the financial assets are returned to him with a profit.

It is important to know that each bet is assigned by the bookmaker’s employee a quote that estimates the likelihood of the outcome of the event. Bookmakers actively use European odds. The quote is displayed as a decimal fraction. If the player’s prediction turned out to be correct, then in this case the amount bet by him is multiplied by the coefficient that was offered by the bookmaker.

When the player’s bet wins, the bookmaker pays him the amount of the bet multiplied by its coefficient. The net win is just the amount of profit. The stake is deducted from the payout.

The odds in bookmakers may be subject to changes not only due to the size and number of bets made on a certain event, but also due to a decrease or, conversely, an increase in its probability. More experienced bettors call the quote the “price” of a sporting event. Everyone has the right to either refuse a bet, considering it incorrect, or choose it at the price suggested by the bookmaker.


Indeed, everyone can bet on a sporting event and win. To be convinced of this, it is enough to carefully consider the rating of the forecasters. It allows players to find out detailed information about the failure or, conversely, the success of the predictions of each handicapper and expert. All data is displayed in clear text, so that the user can get detailed information about all the predictions and their outcomes. Since viewing statistics is available to every player, he can be sure that not all experts and handicappers give accurate predictions and choose winning bets. But this does not mean at all that they do it on purpose or because of a lack of experience. Forecasters are well versed in the sporting competition for which they are forecasting.

Attention! Being a sports expert isn’t enough to make the right bet. Even the most experienced players do not always manage to win. It makes no sense to hope for permanent winnings. Still, the game can be successful if you follow certain rules.


A beginner player must understand that the bets made by him can and will even lose. You will not always be able to win, since it is extremely difficult to predict the exact outcome of a sporting event. Live sports betting is not a means of earning, but a hobby, passion. This pastime should bring pleasure to the person. It is recommended to perceive bets in this way for the following reasons:

  1. The player will not lose his mind and will not risk large sums. In such games, the mind plays a very important role, because the success of a person depends on this, or, conversely, disappointment in life. Sports betting shouldn’t be the main way to make money.
  2. Sports betting provides an opportunity for players to develop not the skills of finding the mistakes of the bookmakers, but the skills of forecasting. You can’t constantly dwell solely on financial issues.
  3. Perception of bets as a hobby allows a beginner to get more drive, positive emotions, healthy excitement.


In order not to lose money, a beginner needs to always control his bankroll. From this it is necessary to conclude that you need to bet only the amount that you do not mind losing. Some novice players, after receiving the coveted victory, often decide to double the rate. This is a serious mistake. Also, playing back after a loss is a bad start. Performing these steps can result in the loss of a significant amount.

Experienced bettors have a different perception of victory and defeat. They understand how the human brain works, so they try not to make such mistakes. A beginner’s single win overshadows previous losses. To master the art of sports betting, you need to learn how to keep records. It is important to note the number of not only wins, but also losses.