Betters have been trying to beat the bookmaker with smart bets on football since the time when bookmakers began to accept bets on this popular sport. In an unequal confrontation, one of the parties will always have an advantage.


BC – commercial enterprises. They are created to make a profit, so they have to win. The bookmaker will always have an advantage by including commissions in the odds used for betting. Another condition that allows you to always be in the black is the limitation of the bet amount for clients.

In any competition, there are several outcomes. Football matches are no exception. The first team may win, the second may prevail, or the rivals will draw. The probability of one of the three events occurring is predictable.

The team of bookmaker analysts for each event calculates the probability of its occurrence, expressed as a percentage. Based on this quote, each outcome is assigned odds at which the bet will be made. In order for the bookmaker to always win over a long distance, commissions are included in the bets.

If the probability of victory in the match of team # 1 (W1) is estimated at 50%, the second (W2) at 30% and a draw (X) at 20%, the coefficients of these events will be equal:

  • P1 – 2.00 (100/50);
  • P2 – 3.33 (100/30);
  • X – 5.00 (100/20).

The bookmaker’s profit, called the margin, is evenly pledged into each selection. With 5% of the bookmaker’s commission, in P1 – 5 * 50/100 = 2.5%, in P2 – 5 * 30/100 = 1.5%, in X – 5 * 20/100 = 1%. The odds used for wagering will be:

  • P1 – 1.90 (100 / 52.5);
  • P2 – 3.17 (100 / 31.5);
  • X – 4.76 (100 / 21.0)..


When choosing a bookmaker for betting on football, you need to consider several conditions:

  • Convenience of replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of winnings.
  • Selection of championships offered by the bookmaker, in which the matches of interest to the player will be held.
  • Bookmaker’s list – a list of events in a specific match, on which bets will be made.
  • Minimum commission in bookmaker coefficients.
They often choose the bookmaker’s office where there is a profitable bonus program. The bookmaker, whose activity is permitted in the territory of the player’s country, is the most preferable. You should also take into account the convenience of registering on the website or at the betting point.


You can beat the bookmaker with smart football bets. Very often bookmakers themselves publish news, in which it is reported that clients receive millions of dollars with successful bets. However, these are unique cases, only a few can have a constant stable profit at a distance.

There are several main reasons for bookmaker losses.


Before making a bet, the player needs to study the bookmaker’s rules posted on the official websites. They indicate what bets are, how the winnings are calculated, how the events on the outcome of which deals are made are indicated.


In sports, unpredictable events happen. A favorite in a football match can lose to a team at the bottom of the standings. You cannot be absolutely sure of winning. Better should exclude all-in bets even with low odds.

There is no need to place bets more than 5% of the deposit, even on an event in the occurrence of which there is maximum confidence.


Predictions on the outcome of matches obtained from reliable sources also need to be checked. Better needs to view the statistics of personal meetings of opponents, study the pre-match situation, compare the analysis results on several .The desire to win back by increasing the rates is the way to the quickest drain of the bank. The use of “dogons” is a risky strategy. You can use it only if you have a large gaming account. A better should not place bets under the influence of emotions, excitement and intoxication. Betting on the victories of your favorite teams will not bring success over the long haul.