How do bookmakers every year gain more and more new users and always remain in the black, regardless of the quality and number of bets made on the outcomes of sports events? In fact, everything is not as fair and transparent as beginner players believe. We will tell you interesting facts about the life of bookmakers, which you definitely have not heard about yet.

Most players lose

Exactly. Only those who have never bet on sports can believe in the opposite result and are guided in betting only on the basis of the advertisements seen on the network. Not a single office is sitting idle waiting for a player to finally come and win the maximum at all rates. No and no again. Even the most inexperienced and young bookmaker is many times more cunning than any bettor. Bookmakers have always been and will be in the black due to many factors, the main of which are:

  • margin;
  • inexperienced players;
  • professional analysts (against whom the bettor is trying to play).

Reference. To understand how much you have replenished the bookmaker’s bank and emptied yours – start keeping statistics. Then questions about the benefits of games in bookmaker offices will disappear by themselves.

Live betting is the most unprofitable for players

Many players like to make real-time bets. This choice is easy to explain, because in the live line you can catch the highest odds for the game or the statistics of the match. Despite such an attractive plus, few players think about the level of risk. After all, making live bets, the player does not have time to analyze and think about the decision. Most often, the bettor sees high odds and starts betting by running, as a result of which he almost always loses.

Newbies often rejoice at the winnings in the bookmaker’s office and prompt payments to the account, but such a trick is provided only in order not to lose new clients of the office and give them the motivation to make bets on even larger amounts.

Reference. Even experienced players try not to meddle in live, since it is most difficult there to control themselves and their emotions about the game and the possibility of getting a big win.

The biggest mistake a player makes after losing a bet is to wager it back. For the most part, such bets can continue until the entire pot has been successfully merged. As a result, the office is profitable, and the bettor not only did not win, but also lost everything that was on the game account. If, among a series of failures, the player comes across 1-2 passes, he gains confidence in his abilities and, as a result, again spends all the money from the account.

The predictions of sports commentators or popular athletes are no better than yours

To make a bet, players can use both self-made sports predictions and predictions for the outcome of the selected event from professional analysts. In addition to forecasters, former athletes, famous stars of show business and just scammers began to make forecasts and make money on this. In all three cases, predictions will not save the player from losing the amount on which the bet was made.

Sports forecasts are made not just by analysts, but with the help of developed software for this purpose. There is no such program in the public domain, otherwise why would the work of forecasters, games of athletes and bookmakers be needed?

The player’s difficulty begins immediately after he made a bet in live. The odds are constantly changing, the player starts to stray from the main goal and bet on everything, not having time to figure it out – is it worth it?

Important! The bookmaker can invite the most successful betters to its staff as employees. Such an option would be ideal, but without work experience there is no way to get there.

Secrets of bookmakers

Are there any secrets of bookmakers? Of course have. And we will tell you in a simple and accessible way what they are.

The bookmaker is always in an advantageous position

How is it that the bookmaker’s office always remains in the black, regardless of whether the bettor’s bet has played or not?

There are two reasons:

  • all bookmakers have a certain percentage of the margin, which is deducted as a percentage from any player’s bet;
  • the odds of the office are set so that it is in the black, and not the player.